benson ace customers talk about the intimidator 4x4 UTV

 'Equipment Guy' Does Homework, Buys Intimidator (Purchase: GC1K Crew )

           "I’m a first-time UTV owner from the Twin Cities. We wanted a vehicle to use around our Northwest Wisconsin property. I talked UTVs with co-workers who have vehicles. I mainly looked at Kawasaki and Honda. I did about two months of research. We first learned about Intimidator at Benson Ace during a trip up north. 

            Why Intimidator? It’s bigger, heavier and sturdier. Those things can be a double-edge sword in terms of price, and Intimidator is not at lower end of the range. But at least you can see where the money is going. I like the sturdiness of the machine. Why a Crew Series? It can carry the entire family, safely. 

            I bought into a package deal, which is Zac and the Intimidator.  Zac is the guy. And he has a direct line to the factory. With the largest dealers, you’re only one of many going in and out the door. I probably would end up dealing with several people over time.  Zac can do things lots of dealers can’t.

          As a Product Support guy working in the heavy equipment industry, I know the value of being able to get through to the factory, and not being one of a thousand calls. The line between me and the Intimidator factory is very direct."       [Cary / Maple Grove, MN]


Intimidator Electric Conquers Hills for Quiet Hunting  (Purchase: GC1K Electric)

         "You want less vehicle noise for deer hunting. But most electric models are basically glorified golf carts, with not nearly enough power. Especially on the steep hills of Buffalo County, WI. I have two Polaris gas models, so I almost bought a Polaris electric. But I’d heard the battery power wouldn’t last. My buddy gave his Polaris electric to his wife.

         I didn’t know Intimidator before some online research. I was completely impressed with Zac Benson and the Intimidator brand. With only one week before hunting season, I decided on the cab and the accessories. Zac called the factory, and they delivered it to Frederic the Wednesday before hunting. 

         We took it out in the first snow as a test. It was 20 degrees, and I was skeptical. But we drove up and down those steep hills, and still had 70% battery left. We used it the full week. You can’t hear it just 20 yards off the trail. Also, the Intimidator is more heavily built – so much beefier – than Polaris. Plus, because the Intimidator is taller and wider than the Polaris electric, there’s room for three instead of two."       [Jeff / Mondovi, WI] 


First-Time UTV Owner Didn't Know Intimidator (Purchase: GC1K)

        "My sons have Polaris UTVs, so I’ve ridden Polaris. Intimidator? I knew nothing about them. But we drive by Benson Ace in Frederic and saw the vehicles out front. Stopped on a Saturday, and Intimidator caught my eye. I love the looks of it. Zac took lots of time from the beginning. He went way above and beyond to get ours ready. He even hauled it up to the cabin. My wife and I use it on roads and trails. 

         The price was fair. They all seem to be in the same general area on price, but Intimidator is much better built. In fact, it’s built like a “brick you know what.” You can see the quality in the welds, and the thickness of the steel. It’s U.S.-made, from the Bad Boy family of products, which is a reputable brand that Zac has sold for a few years already. I also wanted to buy local, from someone I can trust.

         As a big guy, I like that it’s user-friendly to get in and out. I sat in a lot of them. Lots of the others really felt tight. With the steering while right on top of me. Intimidator is roomier and fits me a better.  Everywhere we go with our Intimidator, we get lots of looks and “Where’d you buy that?” questions.  I’m already thinking about stepping up to an Intimidator crew cab. And getting prices for a plow, heater, and doors."       [Bruce / Webster, WI] 


First-Time UTV Owner Decides on Intimidator (Purchase: GC1K Stage 3)


       "I’ve owned an ATV and snowmobiles, but I’m a first-time UTV owner. My sleds are Yamaha, but that UTV pricing is up there. I started by looking at Polaris, but the base price is misleading. You have to add-on basically everything. For the Intimidator, I only had to add the window and winch. I didn’t start out at $10,000 and then add $8,000 to get what I wanted. 

        I wasn’t aware of Intimidator, but we drive by Benson Ace Hardware in Frederic on the way to our lake home in Northwest Wisconsin. Wife enjoyed the Intimidator right away, thanks to the cushier seats and better looks. I like the great ground clearance. We use our Intimidator for trail riding. Getting out and seeing the countryside, just like we do on snowmobiles. I also noticed the thickness of the metal in the frame. They don’t cut corners. It’s a heavier machine, but it’s strong. 

       I identify with the Bad Boy lawn mower brand, and Intimidator is from the same Arkansas family. I also appreciate that they’re a faith-based company, trying to grow business in a new direction. 

       We haven’t put it through all its paces yet, to see all of what it can do. Where is the limit? We don’t know that yet. They might have an uphill battle against the major brands early on, but Intimidator is as good as anything out there. Particularly the workmanship and quality. "[Jeff/Forest Lake, MN]